Have you ever wanted to get back at a family member or a friend that has played a trick on you in the past? Or do you have a complete joker in the family who you would like to give them some of their own medicine for a change? Or maybe you just want to have some fun and wind someone up with a bit of harmless fun? Well now you can with Spoofkit.com....

With this great package you get ALL OF THIS for only £9.99: WITH INSTANT DOWNLOAD!


Full contents of our SpoofKit package are listed below......................

Product Name: SpoofKit Emailer
Product Size: 395k
Product Version: 4.0
Product License: Private Use ONLY.
Product Description: With SpoofKit Emailer you can send spoof or fake emails FROM anyone TO anyone, send your Father an email from the Queen saying he is due to be knighted, or maybe you want to email a family member saying they have been downloading films on the internet and are going to be kicked off as a result? The choice is yours and the only limitation is your own creativity. Your purchase includes updates for the life of the product.

New features of the 4.0 version of our Email Spoofer are:
The ability to save settings as profiles,
Plain text or HTML Formatting supported,
Save or load email addresses from a text file.
Ability to add attachments,
Ability to send multiple emails to the same person.

Product Name: Joke Postal Labels
Product Size: 8mb
Product Version: 2.0
Product License: Private Use ONLY.
Product Description: These joke labels are printable and a fantastic way to wind up family and friends, simply print them out, add an address to them and stick the label to a parcel and post it at your local post office. Sit back and wait until the next day when your victim recieves the package and is totally embarrassed. I recommend sending these via either recorded delivery or special delivery (or in the U.S.A/Worldwide. any signed for mail).

Product Name: Printable Parking Tickets
Product Size: 3mb
Product Version: 2.0
Product License: Private Use ONLY.
Product Description: These printable parking tickets can be so much fun, print them out and place them under a family members car windscreen wipers, sit back and watch the fun. I have seen people go really mad when they thought they had been issued with a parking ticket, one friend chased me all round the car park!. Print these out as many times as you want to. These tickets are our OWN design.

Product Name: Printable Joke Letters
Product Size: 2mb
Product Version: 2.0
Product License: Private Use ONLY.
Product Description: These printablejoke letters have been designed to create maximum laughs without being nasty or upsetting the victim. We have 4 letters: STD Clinic, Cannabis Farm Detected, Suspected Of Downloading Pirate Material, Film Company Wants To Hire Your House. Simply print these joke letters out and pop them in an envelop and post to your intended victim, sit back and watch them go mad when it pops through their letterbox. These letters are our own design.



Privacy Statement: We do NOT collect any information from our customers, all our customers remain anonymous. We do NOT sell email addresses and we respect the privacy of our customers. The contents of the SpoofKit.com package are meant as a wind-up and light hearted bit of fun only and must NOT be used for any illegal purposes.


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